NEO DALI Extra Size Brown Review

The Info

BC: 8.6
DIA: 14.2
Water Content: 45%
Disposable: 1 Year
Power: 0.00 to -10.00

These are my first ever purchased circle lenses; however, I believe my review should be reliable enough since I've been a regular contact lenses (Acuvue) wearer for over 2 years now :)!!

Some pictures of the lenses their selves:
 (Black nail polish! haha I've been obsessing over this nail color lately
Brand: N.Y.C. 
The trick to cheaper drugstore nail polish: at least 2 thick coats) 

the review--

COMFORT:   Comfort is SO important for me since I have pretty sensitive eyes that get dry often. 
+ Feels like there's nothing on your eyes
+ 45% water content!! This is why I chose this

Now, the stuff below is just what I personally did wrong and stuff YOU should AVOID please!!
- seriously CANNOT wear them for more than 8 hours. I wore them for 12 hours and my eyes were dry and bloodshot after removing them (remember, I have sensitive/dry eyes)
- had irritation in my left eye but this is most likely my personal experience, otherwise it would've happened on my right eye :p

! Buy a REALLY GOOD branded contact solution I cannot stress how important this is...(#1 choice: Opti-Fresh Replenish.. buy it at your drugstore, not those other ones on circle lense stores). Do your eyes a favor: spend more so your eyes don't have to burn for the next minutes (which could take up to 2 hours for me)

LOOK:   Ooh, I searched long and hard for the perfect first lenses and i'm sure many of you are also,,!! maybe. Anyways:
+ Natural Design: a gradient of light to a subtle dark brown ring that looks NATURAL thank goodness and doesn't look weird like those not-solid-ringed circle lenses
+ Makes your eyes GLISTEN: I absolutely love this.. it makes your eyes look like they're sparkling (but not so much that it looks like your eyes are glazed over :p )
+ School and Work appropriate

- If you don't have good makeup and hair, it will look weird. No makeup? Bug-eyed but just to some extent.. I had some semi-stares that looked more like 'woah what the-' as compared to 'damn she's fine today' and this was the day I decided to wear almost 0 makeup (oh my cover is blown! kidding, it wasn't that dramatic)

ENLARGEMENT:☀  STOP right here and go no further. 14.2 diameter is GOOD enough, my dear. Any more, and you don't have falsies or lots of makeup, you will no longer look human
+ Sufficient. and this is the biggest I will ever go. I prefer natural please! However, with just the right amount of makeup, I seriously thought I looked gorgeous (ooh narcissist) for a second,, and then i got over myself. sigh

COLOR CHANGE:  I have medium/dark brown eyes that have a amber-red tint to them and these lenses made them lighter a bit in natural outdoors sunlight(where i'll be seen most of the time lol). If you want natural, these are great. If you want dramatic, then don't.
+Light eyed people: great color change

- Dark Brown to Black eyed people: not much of a color change, unless that's what you want

Wooooh~ that must've been a b*** to read. just kidding :3
Here are the before and after pictures!
W/OUT lenses.
This picture is from my Ulzzang makeup tutorial w/out circle lenses.
With lenses + natural light
Isn't it glisten-y beautifulness? <3
WITH lenses. + Indoors Flash
LOL trying to open my eyes lOL... to show the size of the lenses you racist..
Dark indoors + flash
Closer close-up: I spy PIXELS! but SO freakin' tiny, no one will notice unless they tried
They almost look green/hazel... maybe that's just me
No flash + natural light indoors facing the side opposite to the light
Q:Where did I get them, you ask?
Here~ click me! [[got mine in 1.5 weeks which is pretty darn fast since it shipped from HK and I live in NorCal]]
Q:What's on my face, you ask?
No mascara, semi-curled lashes -.-, Elf kohl eyeliner, Bronze eyeliner

And that's all I have!
Hope this annoyingly long review helped you make your decision =) So, like I said, there were days when I had good makeup that made these circle lenses work, si? Ouai~ so stay tuned for those tutorials!
did you check out my Ulzzang tutorial w.out circle lenses yet? :3

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  1. I've been trying to figure out if these lenses would look natural or not! I didn't want to like, go to school with them on and have people tell me that I look creepy or anything like that. And I feel like this review was so helpful! On you, they don't look creepy or weird at all. I would hardly know that they were circle lenses if I didn't see the picture of your irises before! Thank you so much for this review. I think I can buy these now with the confidence that I won't get weird stares or of anyone saying that I look like an alien. Though my eyes are pretty small, considering I'm Asian as well. I'm hoping it doesn't take up too much of the whites, that's what I was also worried about. But thanks for this review! I can only get Toric lenses because of my astigmatism, and this was the only one that looked natural and had a high water content. I need comfortable ones...