Ulzzang Clothing: website find

I cannot believe I found a store that sells Korean (specifically Ulzzang) clothing that's almost as cheap as how much you could buy it at S.Korea... that sends NOT just within Korea (well besides gmarket and yesstyle)

Anyway, I present thee....

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[Basic] Ulzzang Makeup WITHOUT Circle Lenses

Here I present you all with my Ulzzang-inspired makeup look. However, I know many people new to this Ulzzang style do not have the 'materials' to get the Ulzzang look; so, this tutorial will be done:

  • WITHOUT circle lenses
  • WITHOUT falsies
Quite a few Ulzzangs have double-eyelids; however, quite a few do NOT. It's your choice to use eyelid glue/tape, but I will not being using any in this tutorial.

All you need is:
  • Brown eyeliner or shadow
  • Black shadow w/ angle brush OR eyeliner
  • Angle brush OR Eyebrow pencil
  • Highlighter ( Could be pearly creme eyeshadow if you don't have a highlighter)
  • Light Bronzer (i'm using powdered)
NOTE: I ONLY DID MAKEUP ON MY LEFT EYE (you'll see it as my RIGHT eye)
- - -
Apply Concealer and BB cream/light foundation as needed
- - -
STEP 1: tight-line your upper water-line
   Notice how my right eye looks darker? When you close your eyes/look down, it looks like you're not wearing makeup at all~!

STEP 2: shade in your brows

  • EXTEND the top inner corners towards each other
  • EXTEND the ends downwards
  • Make it full and natural

STEP 3: Use your brown eye pencil and line your eyes
  • Start from the middle (concentrate on this area to make the appearance of bigger eyes)
  • Extend the ends and add a tiny BLENDED tail

 STEP 1: Form a V on the end corner and the inner corner

  • Extend the wing down to the bottom line, BLEND out.
  • Start from the inner corner and line the tear duct area
  • The Bottom middle should either the least or no eyeliner

STEP 4: Apply a light mascara (Maybelline Great Lash is natural) and Curl lashes
- - -
STEP 5: Highlight AND Shade  [ look at my chart! ]
  • RED: use Bronzer to shade
  • GREEN: use Highlighter to bring out features
  • BLUE: summing up the previous steps

- - -
STEP 6 : Apply pink~red lipstain. Light gloss is optional

- - -
And that's it ..!
There'll be future makeup tutorials involving other tricks and colors.
As well as a tutorial WITH circle lenses, falsies, and eyelid glue
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S.Korea: showing off your curves !

Lots of girls in S.Korea tend to wear body-hugging dresses and skirts, but it's how they pair it that makes it look "Korean." I don't suppose their purpose is to show off their curves, but i see it more of a cool/sleek/classic and street-style fashion ^^

→ Here's just the BASIC (which, of course, looks amazing just on its own); now.. how to pair it
the classic tight long-sleeved dress
→ For this particular look, it's more of a Taiwan + S.Korea look; but it's good stuff anyway
 Below is a more cool and Korean look: black baggy sweater + booties + bold red bag
→ Here's a look from the side/back.
    you could replace the baggy sweater with an oversized blazer
This one would be more of a clean / free / light Korean look
   mint green knit sweater + white tight dress + white oxfords OR flat/low canvas shoes
→ The same look, with just an added splash of bold color ( red tote bag)
→ Here's another Taiwan + S.Korea mix:
   loose pink sweater tunic + braided thin ribbon belt + leggings/tights + white tight dress underneath
→ And now for the tight skirts

  • pencil skirt + rock band tshirt + loose cardigan + tights + booties
  • bright red pencil skirt + tucked in white print tshirt + white oxfords or flat canvas shoes
  • pencil skirt + cut-off shirt + heels

Nanda girls ! (check out my S.Korea website find post~ look on the pages to the right column)
Well, for the last one, the skirts and dresses aren't tight/body-hugging but there's still the cool, classic, sleek look that all the Nanda girls wear:
More Nanda girls !

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Japan: how to wear SKIRTS

The weather's getting colder and the sweaters are appearing, but! skirts of all lengths are still being worn-- in Japan :)

First is the slightly-above-the-knee skirt that are usually puffy or ruffly and sometimes worn high-waisted
Combinations with these skirts:
  • skirt + rock/band tshirts + baggy knit cardigan OR baggy denim shirt
  • skirt + cut-off T's OR long-sleeved cut-off shirts
  • skirt + baggy crewneck sweater
common shoes would be booties (thick-heeled!) + ankle socks
Another very common one is the maxi skirt 

  • skirt + tucked-in tshirt OR blouse
  • skirt + tan/creme/etc colored flowy tank (cut-off is even better) + matching flowy vest in brown
  • skirt + baggy sweater
  • skirt + cut-off shirt (long or short-sleeved)

common shoes are booties (thick heeled!)
 - - -
Short skirts, especially  pencil skirts, are also worn and in-style (you see this a lot in S. Korea too~) You can wear them with rock/band tshirts (trending!) or cut-off shirts or tucked-in shirts or baggy tshirts ...

And here are just a few pictures of how these skirts are worn~

pleated skirt that's high-waisted with a
  rock/band tshirt tucked in
 + Chanel-inspired bag + block-colored heels

Another popular type of skirt is the
see-through ones with the shorts underneath
... more to come for Japan's Autumn 2011 trends !