[Basic] Ulzzang Makeup WITHOUT Circle Lenses

Here I present you all with my Ulzzang-inspired makeup look. However, I know many people new to this Ulzzang style do not have the 'materials' to get the Ulzzang look; so, this tutorial will be done:

  • WITHOUT circle lenses
  • WITHOUT falsies
Quite a few Ulzzangs have double-eyelids; however, quite a few do NOT. It's your choice to use eyelid glue/tape, but I will not being using any in this tutorial.

All you need is:
  • Brown eyeliner or shadow
  • Black shadow w/ angle brush OR eyeliner
  • Angle brush OR Eyebrow pencil
  • Highlighter ( Could be pearly creme eyeshadow if you don't have a highlighter)
  • Light Bronzer (i'm using powdered)
NOTE: I ONLY DID MAKEUP ON MY LEFT EYE (you'll see it as my RIGHT eye)
- - -
Apply Concealer and BB cream/light foundation as needed
- - -
STEP 1: tight-line your upper water-line
   Notice how my right eye looks darker? When you close your eyes/look down, it looks like you're not wearing makeup at all~!

STEP 2: shade in your brows

  • EXTEND the top inner corners towards each other
  • EXTEND the ends downwards
  • Make it full and natural

STEP 3: Use your brown eye pencil and line your eyes
  • Start from the middle (concentrate on this area to make the appearance of bigger eyes)
  • Extend the ends and add a tiny BLENDED tail

 STEP 1: Form a V on the end corner and the inner corner

  • Extend the wing down to the bottom line, BLEND out.
  • Start from the inner corner and line the tear duct area
  • The Bottom middle should either the least or no eyeliner

STEP 4: Apply a light mascara (Maybelline Great Lash is natural) and Curl lashes
- - -
STEP 5: Highlight AND Shade  [ look at my chart! ]
  • RED: use Bronzer to shade
  • GREEN: use Highlighter to bring out features
  • BLUE: summing up the previous steps

- - -
STEP 6 : Apply pink~red lipstain. Light gloss is optional

- - -
And that's it ..!
There'll be future makeup tutorials involving other tricks and colors.
As well as a tutorial WITH circle lenses, falsies, and eyelid glue
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  1. You explain it good. Keep on the good job.