Ulzzang: Popular Hairdos and Hairstyles

So, I've come back with another Korean hairstyle + hairdo trend post, as my previous Popular Korean Hairdos post had a great amount of views ^^. For this post, I'll be focusing on Ulzzangs:

Slightly curl your front bangs to give it a little 'oomph' and braid some pigtails~ Braid it till almost the very end so it curls a bit
Add an oversize bow if you'd like.

If you don't want braids, use big curls for you pigtails 

Have wispy hair on either side of your face
Roll up your hair, scrunch it a bit, and tie the bun= messy bun
(the goal for this ulzzang look is not to look like a ballerina girl!)

And then there's the good-girl hairstyle
Straight, shiny, flawless hair with slightly curled bangs, plus a golden-braided hair band

Choppy and thick front bangs that are cut just slightly shorter is a popular hairstyle
Add waves and curls to your hair + glasses to complete the Ulzzang look

A LOT of Korean girls and Ulzzangs wear their hair like this:
long wavy (or straight) hair with a chunk of hair tied up into a mini ponytail

And lasty this hairstyle:
WAVY not curly hair. You must spray or use some light gel to set this hairstyle (to give it that wispy look, as shown on the model)
Don't forget the hairties!

And that's it for this time !
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Happy Thanksgiving or Tofurkey Day for those who celebrate it!! 
Have a safe weekend ladies (and gents?)! =)


  1. Aww this makes me miss my long hair. I am planning to grow it out now. I've always loved how asian women styled their hair. Super cute.

    Belated Thanksgiving!

  2. hahaha :D i actually really want to chop all my hair off! But maybe I'll wait,,,

  3. does anyone know the first girl's name? thanks (:

  4. Who's the 6th picture there?

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