a conclusion of this weeks' posts: Fashion Trends

So for a conclusion of this weeks' posts (noticed they were focused on fashion trends? yes!) or.. a week and just a bit more..Well here's an assortment (of chocolates! jk chocolate quality) pictures of any and all types of Fashion trends/outfits seen on the streets of Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China in the past week or two

 Sleek and cool: zip down dress in the front with a fedora
 omg I envy her legs soo much (pity pity, i'm eating green tea ice cream at this very moment) But anyways, the shirt she's wearing is instyle in Japan right now (check out my previous post on August Trends in Japan)
 Interesting combination of clothing! + sick prints (source: instreets.com)
Yay for layering! Layering makes your outfit so much more flattering and full. Just don't go overboard, unless.. that's what you're going for :) [ahh i want her jacket ;( ]

And this concludes this weeks Fashion Trends in Taiwan, Japan, and S.Korea! Yay =)
There will, of course, still be many posts on fashion trends in the future. But man I was on a roll this week! Ok bye! =)


Taiwan: Business outfits, but not so business-y

Another trend! Lots of ladies wearing business-ish outfits, but not so business-y. Some are either really pretty and flowy that remind me of picnics and fairytales while others remind me of S. Korea's bold prints and fashion style. Anyway, see what fits your taste (unless you want to change up your old look :)

 YAY for chino cropped pants! Except I don't know if that babydoll lace top is appropriate for the workplace.. lol but nonetheless, it's a good clean look! (pair with nude heels and a oversized handbag)
 So.. this  is more casual than business. Something I would wear to school~ But it's business-inspired by the pencil skirt. However, this skirt is cotton with the denim effect, along with a business-like collared sleeveless shirt with the color pink and a bunch of details. Flat simple shoes really makes this outfit look more 'young' and clean
 Hmm.. cotton tight mini dress.. Not so business-y! and doesn't look too much like a formal party dress (material). But it's a good casual look! But that purse she's holding confuses the heck out of me -_- casual or formal?
 YES bold and business-appropriate (the length of the skirt duh) but the color may not be... But whatever! it makes for a good casual look and that's all that matters lol maybe not ah nvm.
So I guess this isn't business-y at all. I just thought the formal looking material and style reminded me somewhat of a business outfit. But yeah, this is more like an outfit you would wear to lunch with the ladies. The bag she's holding, however, does remind me of Audrey Hepburn and that very classy look =)

So I have concluded and demonstrated that most and probably all of these outfits aren't what you would wear to work, but they are business-inspired and who says you can't wear business-y outfits outside of your workplace? .. no one. :P


Winter in Taiwan already?

Yes a surprise! But not much of a surprise. When I went to Taiwan in the Summer, a great lot of the girls wore long sleeves and long pants (ooh the horror they must endure) but of course on their own will and of course to keep their beautiful skin pale and pretty. So I guess it isn't so entirely surprising that the girls are already starting to wear thicker jackets and knitted hats/beanies. Anyway, if you don't feel like wearing Winter stuff right now, perhaps you can prepare because the girls in Taiwan have already set the beginning of Winter 2012 fashion (Taiwan style)

 Now you know what I meant by thick
Tights with denim shorts or skirts are fantastic! I wore these all winter and it kept me warm (surprising?! it's a lot warming than it looks but my legs are less vulnerable to the cold-- so consider yourself warned..) Anyways, yay for the ruffle business-y shirt she paired with her destroyed denim skirt. Oh and the peacoat makes it a lot more polished and really finishes off the look =) ... + bag with a pop of color= GENIUS
 Not as thick, so this is actually pretty good for the weather right now (in the cooler places lol)
 Layers, layers, layers: always been the style in Asia
 YES!! The red scarf makes the outfit. The color is seriously so pretty~ other pretty colors are .. dark caramel brown, forest green, deep plum purple (for scarves and clothing at least. YEA sounds gross but it looks sooo pretty and classy~ just my 2 cents :)
sick haircut! and notice her awesome patterned tights

So yes! It seems that Winter and Fall are the only seasons in Taiwan for some girls lol unless they were going to Penghu to go snorkeling with the fishies!


Taiwan+Japan: beautiful, pure, free, and clean

Ahh this style reminds me of laundry and Italy (what?) and happy times
And i'm pretty sure any girl who wears this will look as pure, free, clean, and beautiful as her clothes! (I came to the incredulous conclusion that a girl's outfit that's put well and is different will really catch the eyes of some specific or many guys) But another thing to add.. it kind of seems that this look may be a little too mature for some girls because when I see it, I see of girl in college and older wearing this type of fashion.. but if you can pull it off, then awesome!

 The long long skirt- it's becoming popular! And it's soo classy~ (I guess it's starting to replace the maxi dress trend?)
Yay for beautiful white dress that's feels so free and clean. Oh and a statement (bold color) jewelry piece like the one shes wearing ^ can really change your outfit (and this will be needed if the whole white and plain feeling just doesn't satisfy your needs)

Now for the next photos, I guess they aren't as free and stuff like that as the ones above but nonetheless, they're good looks that still look refreshing and classy!
 I was hesitant of putting this in the previous post of 'cutesy' fashion because it just wasn't cute enough with the whole waist and hip defining clothing pieces above
 I actually really like her hairbow! In fact, this is also another trend in Japan- the bunny ear hairbow. Anyway, her denim dress is yet another trend!! So I'd like to say that this girl ^ is the ultimate definition of hipster. 
So was I wrong? Her outfit is still as classy and beautiful as hell! Especially her wide-brimmed hat (ooh those types of hats change your outfit sooo much; please go buy one now!)

So if you're not comfortable with the super long dress or skirt, then no fear! Wear something like the last few pictures ^ such as the loose flowy material these girls are sporting. Oh and don't forget that hat because it alters your style quite a bit!


Japan: The "Cutesy" look

So no doubt, these are the looks that you will most definitely see in Japan and also in Taiwan (I saw so many shops selling these types of clothing, but it just didn't work with my tall frame hahaha) Anyways, I'll briefly define the term "cutesy" look that i don't think exists until now because idk who would wanna use this word -_-

  • The "Cutesy" look: consists of ruffles, pink, laces, flowy material, layers, ruffles and ruffles and cute doll-inspired fashion. Makes you look like a porcelain doll.
Yay! and now we have that clear, here are a few looks:
 (ohoo this is not as cutesy as the next one will be. this one is actually normal for me lol)
 actually this isn't that bad. but the flower necklace (i made these with the flower weeds when i was in elementary school :D) and the picnic-y bag and massive girly hairbow, it's a bit too much for me -_- but that's just me and i'm not hatin! Like I said, it just doesn't fit me -.-
 Princess sleeves but not really cuz the ones above aren't as puffy. But definitely princess-y at the bust area with the elasticy part right below the chest. But anyways, this look is pretty simple, if paired with jean shorts and a bag with a pop of color
 I actually really like this outfit! The dress is simple enough and not super ruffly, plus the hat makes it really cute and laid back.
 Hm this reminds me of Sunday morning tea parties and happy rich people hehe but it's a pretty look and the bag she's wearing makes it less "rich snobby" looking. Actually it makes it look really wearable!
 Am i criticizing too much? lol I'm not, I would wear a majority of these outfits, just not with the accessories but that's probably because of where I live...(cultural thing)
 I love this outfit! It's super simple and the ruffles and creases are in the right places.
 This one actually kind of reminds me of my previous trends post on Tribal prints and vintage-y looks. But it looks 'cutesy' enough to be included in this post
Another thing that seemed to go along with the whole ruffles and cute look was the off the shoulders loose tops (off both the shoulders, might i add) and this one above is the plainest of the plainest. I'd say what you'll see in stores a lot more ruffly which is perfectly fine, just as long as it looks great on you (downside is that a lot of the stores on the streets don't let you try them on.. so it's hard to tell :( )

And so that is the cute look: hundreds of little flowers on the shirt/dress is a plus. If you don't live in Japan or Taiwan, and you live in California for example and you're insecure of wearing it.. well you could 1. whatever, don't care. 2. the most accessories i'd pair with the dress/shirt would be a bulky wooden bangle (little to no design. i know there's one at Forever 21)! 

Anyways, have a nice day =)


Korean Airport Fashion

For those who are unfamiliar with this 'airport fashion' it's just a bunch of celebrities coming from or going out of the airport while the paparazzi capture their photos. And you'll see this most often with Korean celebrities (well I guess American celebrities too but I don't hear that term applied to anyone else but Koreans)

 Parkas! are getting popular in Korea and Korean celebrities
 Yay for colorful outfits haha or at least a mixture of them all
 (more) Parkas!!
 Lots of colors!
 Loose see-through button-down (doesn't have to be all the way) collared shirts are trends i'm seeing in Taiwan: mint green and creme colored ones are popular
 Floral+cardigan+oxfords= urban outfitters girl
 Very Korean styled haha- I like it!
SNSD at the airport (nice shoes!)
 er ok just say this is outside of the airport, so still airport fashion
 Simple thick stripes (stripes are another trend in Japan!)
This is China! not Korea


Taiwan+Japan: tribal prints + vintage

An Announcement......... This week will only be posts on Fashion Trends!!
Email me for suggestions and stuff you want to see! etrnlsunsblog (at) gmail.com

A lot of what's appearing on the Taiwan and Japan streets are girls wearing not only tribal prints but also braided hair bands with their long wavy brown hair. Along with that, they're wearing tan brown sandals and occasionally a wide-brimmed hat.

Ok this wouldn't be tribal prints but it's definitely vintage-y and this is really popular in Japan too. Some girls, instead of wearing tribal prints (bright colorful tribal prints popular in S. Korea), wear lacy flowy and deep vnecked tunics, shirts, and dresses-- like the girl above. And braided messy wavy hair

 Here's a vintage-y tribal inspired girl with the usual loos and layered brown dress (super easy to find when shopping in Taiwan!) and of course the braided headband. Wear it with some tan or nude lacey sandals and a satchel handbag and you're good to go
 This one shows straight up tribal prints- black and white
 Pretty and fun prints!.. in blue :) (+ her hat)
I guess this isn't tribal.. lol but i'm liking the vintagey look with the satchel bag, socks with oxfords, and simple patterned dress (and the sick shades! super vintagey :)

Also!.. I just started school this week (and this year will be crazy busy!) so i've scheduled a bunch of posts. But regardless of that, i'll still check up on the site and especially my email, so shoot me an email if you're feeling like it! Thanks =)


"Ant waists" and Trimmed baby fat

The "Ant Waist"
Ever wonder how Goo Hara has such a tiny waist, and is known to have the best of "Ant Waist" celebrities? .. I wonder too :p but there are exercises (that she may have used herself) to get a tiny waist; Jolin Tsai from Taiwan uses this trick for sure though =)

! HULA HOOP: It might sound stupid lol but it does work. Do it while you're watching TV or watching a movie =) and do it for a long time + commit!! 
Trimmed Baby Fat
After years of thinking she was just another product of plastic surgery, it was finally concluded that she is just a natural beauty! But what contributed to her beauty and change in appearance was all just diet and weight loss. Then it was discovered that Song Hye Kyo had a secret diet :o ....

! Lemonade: not the store bought ones! Since those contain way too much sugar. Make your own, half water half lemon juice. Drink it with all your meals, but still exercise the minimum, and cut down on snacks to maximize and quicken the results ^ ^ 

Other tricks to trim that baby fat, for your body and for your cheeks:
! Negative Calorie Foods: This takes so much more energy for your body to digest than to eat cooked foods, so you're actually burning more calories than you're consuming. Most negative calorie foods would be raw vegetables and fruits. If you just hate raw veggies, boil them!
! Spike your face: You can find these spike rollers on Amazon for you can get it on Asian websites but most Asian websites only sell the round, no-spike ones (which idk if they work). Sounds scary but it doesn't hurt at all; These really slim your face down and firm it, but only with continuous use.
! Contour: It works the fastest lol but just don't put so much that your face looks dirty!


The Statement Piece: the Japan way

I don't know if it's just me, but all the little things that you wear are really what makes your outfit; I can't go anywhere without my Casio watch! (But I've been really wanting a bright yellow g-shock.. so expensive ;( ) Sometimes what you need to is a STATEMENT PIECE in your outfit (ex. for me it's my watch and Good Wood bracelet)

So anyway, here are some trends; all of which I like hehe

1. Baby-G's for the ladies! It isn't really just the Casio watches, but any watch that's either sleek or bulky, bright or plain (and some with those expensive silver ones). But anyway, Yess I love anything Casio/g-shock hahaha. I also noticed that lots of girls are now getting the bulky ones (more in S. Korea) whereas Baby-G's are popular in Japan. As for Taiwan, I'm not really sure but it seems it's a 50/50.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses
2. "NERD" GLASSES. I noticed that these glasses make my face look smaller haha but my nose bigger -_- My friend wanted a pair but she doesn't need prescription glasses- her parents still wonder why she wants prescriptionless old fashion dork glasses hahaha, well of course because they look friken awesome :p 
3. MASSIVE hair clips: I think these are so sick hahaha and a lot funner than the usual small hair clips. I got me some at Forever 21 but they aren't as big as the one shown above (i'm so surprised they had it! haha but then again it's owned and founded by Korean people!) 

& that's it :) later!