August trends in Japan! (part 1)

This month i'll post several separate posts on the latest fashion trends for the month of August with pictures in Japan~

So for this first post, here are some trends you might want to know:

American Apparel sleeveless crop button-up
1. Sleeveless collared shirt (the soft flowy kinds). Our it could have short sleeves~

2.Patterned shorts, preferably looser at the thighs, and doesn't have to be high-waisted like the above photo
Yesstyle.com shop// Tokyo fashion
3. Chino pants or cropped pants; any color really but tan is a good classic piece everyone should have!

WE ARE NANDA!! korea. japan. usa. china

yesss! another cool find~
An online Korean store that ships internationally with sick clothing! PLUS the website is in English oh my gee hahah. But a bit on the pricier side, but overall affordable. (Lots of Korean celebrities are seen wearing Stylenanda clothing ^ ^) They have also got makeup and seminanda (sleepwear and underwear) and accessories, shoes, bags, etc etc..
 click me to check it out. you can have the choice of the site being in Korean, Japanese, English, or Chinese


Taiwan hair trends (LONG/MED hair)!

Go check out taiwan hair trends (short hair) if you haven't already ^^
So here are the long and medium hair trends I saw back in Taiwan; of course, I saw people with straight hair too, but most of the girls (and even my hair stylist said so) all want wavy/curly hair! No more straight perms or straight irons :o




So what it is is big curls starting from the ear down, while the hair from the ear to the roots are straight. Some girls have side-swept bangs, whereas other have full front bangs (either choppy or straight); I only saw a few without bangs~ And of course, most girls have dyed their hair to some degree of brown hehe (like me :> )

Next hair trends post will be Korean Hairdos/updos~
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No copyright infringement intended! Tell me if you want me to take these pictures off ^ ^


Quick Tips (Flawless Korean skin continued)

Check Flawless Skin like Korean Celebrities out first if you haven't already :)

So this time, i'll be sharing super quick tips and tricks on-the-go:

1. Make or buy a hydrating mist and spray your face anytime throughout the day. Not only does this hydrate your face, but also refreshes your makeup so you don't need to reapply more foundation. Most hydrating mists are around 10-20 USD; but if you want to put what ingredients you want and need, make it yourself! (for example: Distilled water + a drop of Rosemary Extract + Aloe Vera)

2. Use Rohto Cooling Redness Reliever eye drops to brighten your eyes. This is so you don't look so tired) Girls in Korea have found that puffy eyes make their eyes look bigger and cuter (there have been pictures photoshopped to prove this ^ ^) And brightening the whites of your eyes will only make your eyes look more awake, bigger, and healthier~

3.Use oil-blotting sheets if needed

4. Bring a bottle of water! yes i know, nothing special. But, people tend to forget how important water is and what it does for your skin; drink enough water, and you'll need less makeup(or none)


And that's just a few
Have a nice day =)


Taiwan hair trends (SHORT hair)!

So I have compiled a few photos from Google (no copyright infringement intended! if you need me to take these pictures off, please do tell me ^ ^) And I noticed these were some of the popular hair trends I saw when I was in Taiwan last month~ I'll do another post for long hair, this one will only be for short hair =)

Lena from Vivi Magazine(Japan)
Lena from Vivi Magazine(Japan)

Amber Kuo: Taiwanese singer + actress!
Random girl? hehe

Han Hyo Joo: my favoritist Korean actress!!!

Random Taiwanese girl ~ !

So basically, the trend I saw was short bouncy and cute hair; some curled more than others like the picture on the middle right. And most people had full-on front bangs, some were more choppy and some were more straight across& thick. And of course, pretty much every one had brown hair hoho (as do I)

Long/medium hair trends coming soon~
Go here to check out the long/medium Taiwan hair trends post!!!
And click ME! for Korean hairdo/updos!!
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Japan-inspired prints?

yay!! so I found this website where people like you and me can submit your own designs and/or score others. Whoever wins gets hella cash!! And this is a constantly going on contest (so people who are artistic should go check it out ^^)
Here's the Japan-inspired print I bought like 2 minutes ago haha:
click on either pictures to get to the website

sick right?! & this week is their anniversary sale so if you want to buy anything, hurry up :)
you can use this code to get 10% off the sale price~ (this code expires August 8th!)
code: JZJMMX


Slimmer nose tricks

So I know lots of people are envious of Lee Hyori's straight pointy nose, but of course surgery is really all there is to get it.. However! there are ways of making your nose appear slimmer, taller, pointier, and/or cuter


Flawless Skin like Korean Celebrities? (THE ROUTINE)

(Song Hye Kyo)

Before I tell you the steps and routines to get that flawless skin.. there are a few factors that people should know
Climate: It's humid and hot wet weather in Korea! So this makes their skin less dry

Food & Exercise: Koreans have a balanced diet. Plus, they do a lot more walking(because they have to kind of). In California, getting to places usually always involves a car. 

Commitment: Sometimes, a lot has to do with genes. BUT they still have to take care of their skin to maintain it. Daily routines average to maybe 7 steps for just the face

OK now the routine...


Dara 2NE1 inspired look

So, before I attempted to do Dara's eye makeup look but could never get it right.. But! I've finally found a very simple way to get that look that works on my eye and might work for you guys :o But first! The written instructions are mostly for people who have those asian eyelids that are very slightly creased but not completely single lidded. But I have shown illustrations for those who have single eyelids!
(Attempt to look like Dara :p hehe)
Materials I used: Loreal Telescopic liquid eyeliner, Maybelline eyeshadow compact(just the black), and NYC Color Wheel Bronzer (for eyebrows)

1. People who have eyes like me (slight crease and not completely single lidded) line your waterline: You can use eye shadow with an angle brush (and blink into the brush if it tickles too much when you line your waterline :) or I just used liquid eyeliner! Don't forget to put a little at the tear duct. Use a Q-tip to fix it if you need to (I usually have to:p)
2. Make a disconnected wing (as shown in my illustrations below)
3. Connect the wing with the lower lashline. (I only went about 1/4 of the way since lining my whole bottom line for me makes me look gothic lol)