Tidbit: Japan + The Fake Collar Fashion

Quick Tidbit!
The "Fake Collar" fashion started in Japan and has been flooding the search engines in Taiwan websites and blogs. Here's what I mean by a fake collar:

Just add this onto just about anything you wear, whether it be:
+ A rock band t-shirt
+ A dress
+ A tanktop (some people wear the collar with just bare skin on the background)
+ + +

It's usually worn as a girly Japanese style, but it can equally be worn on rock band tshirts to give the rocker-look a bit of a 'fashionista' approach (ah i hate that word fashionista but i'm short of word-choice)
Anyhow, this collar can be altered: add studs or mini spikes onto it if you'd like~

These actually aren't hard to make, but you can just buy one from Etsy or Ebay, or other places I know not of!
... Good Luck!

Tidbit: Inner Upper Thigh Fat + Weird Tip

Quick tidbit!

Quite possibly one of the most annoying problem areas of my body are my inner upper thighs. Everything I eat just rolls its way down to those areas.. However, no fear! Thanks to Maggie for this simple and fast tip!

- - -

PREP Go and get any one of these items=

* A piece of paper
 * A book
* Post-its
* .. anything semi-light and has enough surface area

This is only good when you're sitting down, perhaps listening to a boring lecture or using the computer...
Scoot yourself to the edge of the chair so that your butt and only your butt is on the chair
Take your chosen item and place it between your knees and hold it.
It gets sore after awhile, but just keep holding it!

+ Drink lots of water to make it easier for your fat to break down and shrink !


S.Korea: Plaid Flannels Fashion

[[ Yay for scheduled posts xD I guess i'll say Happy Christmas Eve in advance~! and Merry Christmas for the day after !! And.. EAT THAT PIE, it's just one day.... ;) ]]

Hello readers! So, finally, I'm now done with most of my exams which means I've slightly a bit more time to make posts... Anyways, onto my second bowl of MSG-infused ramen while I type this post -.-

So it seems that a lot of Korean girls like to wear flannels. Let's see how they wear these plaid shirts:

+ Tucked into pants
(Yes it's winter, so it's best not to wear shorts like she is ^ hahah: wear jeans and boots!)
+ Thin Plaid shirt
+ Loose Cardigan on top

+ Oversized Boyfriend Flannel
+ Patterned Tights
+ RED flannel. I see a lot of red flannels hahah

+ longer oversized cardigan
+ how 'bout some Doc Martens?

Perhaps a girlier approach?

+ Fitted Plaid (Ruffled neckline is optional)
+ Tucked into A-line Skirt
+ Thick belt to close it off
+ Leather and Gold chained bracelet + Necklace

Layers, layers, layers is the key to Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese fashion

+ Outerwear Coat with Plaid Pattern underneath
+ Thin Hoodie, put the hood on the outside

+ Random t-shirt ( preferable choices: rock band t-shirts, sleepwear tshirts, cool prints
+ Oversized Flannel
+ Tights or skinnies
+ Messenger bag
+ Optional hooded and oversized coat on top

Oh, and might I add, the plaid flannel look is very popular all over the world. Say in California, every one owns at least one!


S. Korea: Leather, Denim, and Bikers Fashion

Hello fellow readers!
It's the first week of Winter break for me, but there's still so much to do and so many places to go! Regardless, here's a post I've been wanting to do for a while~

So I, myself, have been getting into the biker & rocker look. Coincidentally, I found awesomely inspirational pictures of Korean fashion sporting the exact look :D

Let's start with
D  e  n  i  m
+ Denim Jackets
Ones with Cotton sleeves or Leather sleeves are a (+)

 On these Jeans=
+ Acid- washed
+ Zippers
+ Oh yes, there's also the biker-inspired seams on these jeans. Can't get any better than this. <3

- - -
So, how 'bout some

L  e  a  t  h  e  r
+ Black and White T underneath
(preferable with someone's face in cool print. or a rock tshirt)
+ Leather-accented kicks
+ Zippered Tights (I would love me some of these!)

- - -
Then, we have the 

B  o  m  b  e  r
C  o  m  b  a  t    B  o  o  t  s
I think we should all have a pair of combat boots
+ the famous Korean-styled Bomber Jacket that every B-girl and Bboy has
+ the familiar motor bicyclist's jeans (as in, how the jeans are sewed around the knees and such)

- - -
Last, but most certainly not least, (Quite possibly the most important to me~)

S  p  i  k  e  s
S  t  u  d  s

We can all learn from the badass CL ~
Leather, Spikes, Denim: she's got it all.
+ Shades like hers

 So, I think we've got the gist of it all with these few pictures:
Denim + Spikes + Studs + Leather + Shades + Leather + Bombers

Good luck on your Holiday Shopping :)


Tidbit S.Korea: Leopard Prints

A Tidbit Post 
Another constant trend I have been noticing is the

Oversized   L e a p a r d   Print   C a r d i g a n

Oftentimes, they come in bright neon colors
It could either be the leopard prints as being the bright colors
the cardigan itself

Neon pink, blue, yellow, green, orange, red... Anything!
Find one at Gmarket or Yesstyle.com

And of course, the simple cardigan that's just normal-colored
(I prefer the bright colors; animal prints were never my preference!)


S. Korea: Livin' Young and Wild and Free

Many Korean's have the Nandagirl look, with the fierce cat-eyed makeup, cool and sleek style, and pretty faces

I'm actually a really big fan of this look, so I had to title this post Wiz Khalifa+ Snoop Dog's song hahaha~

These are the actual Nanda girl models~
Check out their website to see even more wicked styles
(Just in advance, things can get pretty pricy)

Pictures in the night + Flash
It's always at night when thing really start to begin~

+ Sequined Mini
+ Combat booties
+ Random Long-sleeved top
+ Accessorize (Statement earrings)
Now this is the outfit of choice.

I just liked her eye makeup haha 
+ black-painted nails
+ Black dress

+ Messy Wavy hair
+ Clubbing dress!
+ Cat-eyed Eyes

+ Cat Eyes~
+ Red hair
+ Badass, I'd say.

- - -
 An upcoming post somewhat ties into this post~
Think: leather, denim, spikes and studs. YES, lovin' it  

Tidbits: Japan + USA + Europe: The Long Cardigan

Another quick tidbit~

The Long Cardigan
I was looking on Forever 21 for the new arrivals and this long cardigan has been the trend this winter
Further, I was flipping through Japanese magazines and this was also a common appearance on the pages!
I'm definitely going to get myself one!


S. Korea: Holiday Prints

I'm pretty sure every year we have this trend. I guess it's not exactly a trend but a tradition
Sweater parties are quite the best, might I add... :) 

But yes, there's no need to need ugly sweaters.
Let's take it from the Korean ladies!
When it comes to holiday sweaters, you really don't need anything else but some classic denim
Moccasins are a nice touch though!

A knit  bodycon skirt is very fitting
But, choose one that's a neutral, gray, black or white color

 Yep, a guy. but HE'S SO GOODLOOKING, I couldn't resist -.-

A note to the guys who happen to fall upon this page: get yourself a Christmas sweater, you'll be happier because all the ladies will fall for you
Celebrities wear them too, so don't feel alone hehehe... =)

If you have a more biker and rocker style,
have the holiday prints as a knit skirt (very popular right now!)
+ patterned thights
+ combat booties

Or go all-out with matching accessories!

So, to sum it up, add this onto your 
Holidays shopping list:

+ Holiday-Patterned Knit Skirt
+ Holiday-Patterned Knit Shorts
+ Holiday Sweater
+ Matching Mittens, Gloves, Earmuffs, Beanies

Happy Holidays-Shopping!


S. Korea: The Men's Blazer for Women

I was looking around on Gmarket (popular Korean shopping website) and oversized men's blazers for women have been quite the hype (For a while now, actually..)
If you don't want to spend 15+ dollars on shipping (which isn't too bad!), you can go and shop at YesStyle. Thought, the price adds up to about the same. So, it's your call!

What to look for:

  • Long Blazers with a straight line

Want to get a Classy-Vintage Look?
+Long gray wooly (wool is optional) blazer
Creme knit sweater underneath, preferably a thinner one
Maroon red high-waisted shorts or long Maroon skinnies
Oversized Envelope Purse
Booties or mid-heeled heels with a red sole or red heel 

  •  Bright Colors

Blue, Orange, Red, White...
(Orange is one of my favorites!)

Want to get a City-Sleek look? 
+ A White Blazer
+ Long-sleeved black Uniqlo shirt underneath, so that the sleeves peek out. 
+ Layers of black, silver, gold statement jewelry: think THIS style.
Dark Marroon skinnies

Lots of Korean celebrities are wearing this look too~ 
Want to get a High-Class Celebrity look?
+ stick with the solid, classy, and familiar colors of black or creme. 
+ A simple low-necklined top underneath
+ gold or silver chain jewelry.
Classic Chanel purse would be very matching!

  • The Pastel-Colored Blazer

Light Sea green? Mint green? Dark Pink? Denim Blue?

Now, go buy yourself an oversized blazer ! :)


Tidbit: Chocolate or Goo Hara's Ant Waist for The Holidays?

First- On a side note, I'll be posting more of these "Tidbit" Posts because most of the time, I just can't write a long enough post that's satisfactory -.- This means more posts, instead of a post every two weeks lOl...! (This is a new Label, so check the right column for "Tidbits" to see similar posts !)
Now, onto this post...

The Holidays are nearing and conflicting voices in my head are making me queasy -.-
My Dilemma:
Chocolate (.. + tears and snot on new years) VS. Sexyhot body with towering self-confidence
Oh, it is a difficult call. But I have a plan.

Marshmallow Hot Cocoa (~100 Calories)
No darlings, put in a little over half the package of cocoa powder. This cuts down the calorie count to 40~45 calories (as opposed to 80 calories)
Q: But wouldn't it taste just like WATER?? ew. No. Because we're gonna add marshmallows and once the marshmallows melt and is stirred, the hot cocoa will taste thicker and seem sooo much sweeter than you think it actually tastes like. 
Add 5~10 small marshmallows or 2 big marshmallow(s) BEFORE pouring in hot water. This makes the marshmallows melt instantly and it looks and sounds cool watching the marshmallows sizzle and dissolve lOl..
Now stir with a stir stick, chopstick, some stick.I always fill the water to the top so the marshmallows are over the top, so careful not to spill... kids... haha
Shave a bit of cocoa powder on top
Sprinkle cinnamon sugar over the top
And be happy that you only consumed about 100 calories from that fat cup of hot cocoa.

Have a Happy Holiday!
(Guess this isn't really a small post.. There will be shorter ones haha)


2NE1-Inspired: Website/Store Find

Hellooo readers~

So I've been on the search for online stores and I came across this store ShopLately which I have been obsessing over lately heheh BECAUSEE you can find so many unique and crazy accessories, shoes, and clothing.

As we know, the 2NE1 ladies always have the dopest and freshest jewelry!  
For example Minzy's badass bracelets and rings:::

Source: Soompi
The store is American, but most of the jewelry that 2NE1 wears is American or European brands anyway ( Wait! Not meant to be offensive to non-Americans and non-Europeans,, it's true that a lot of 2NE1's accessories aren't made from Korean designers)

+ Stuff here is cheap (there's still are high-end and more expensive pieces though)
+ There are always sales that last for some days only.

- You'll have to sign up.. but it's quick and free! haha

Here are a few items I picked out~




Here's the link: [Click Meeee]
Have a lovely day ! =)