Updos & Hairdos- the Korean way

Sooo these are a few updos and hairdos that are either already common or recently popular in S. Korea
From completely bleached blond hair to the simple bun (though I think this is Japanese-inspired)

Curly poofy hair! with curly bangs parted in the middle and pinned down (covered by the hat though)

Simple caramel-colored hair with side-swept bangs and slightly wavy, probably a somewhat low bun with a cute hair tie. ( + the huge wayfarer glasses!)
LEFT: Two pigtails sectioned into several parts using quite a few hairbands, then pulled to make them look poofy! RIGHT: 2 low buns acting as pigtails that are probably first teased and twisted. + her bangs are slightly curled with a big curl (inwards and to the side)

Fishtails! (& that's 2) +fringe (if you want)
Wooh Dara!! as for her, she's sportin the high bun (her is slightly messy) with those few strands of baby hair peeking out haha (so that it doesn't look like a ballerina hairdo, unless that's what your going for ;) ; for this one, there's no bangs and all her hair is pulled back (use bobby pins if your fringe is too short!)
Full on bangs (might I add, THICK bangs) with long wavy and volumous hair! (really makes your face look tiny)

Once again, the two pig tails that are sectioned into several poofs, but her's are more wispy and wavy & not as many sections ( I like hers better, personally!) & she has fringe showing so it looks more cute ^ ^
yes!! the completely bleached blond hair (with her off-to-the-side high bun+ straight bangs + wispy hair on the sides to frame her face) another color that is somewhat recently popular is full on red hair (like Park Bom :)
Annnnd that's the few that i found so far!
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