JTK Makeup

J a p a n    T a i w a n    K o r e a

note: these girls do not reflect the majority of girls from their race.
I'm just showing one of the many, many makeup styles in each race/ethnicity.
There will be more makeup posts to come!

JP: kiko mizuhara
modern twiggy style
au-naturel face
plump pink-nude lips
champage+soft bronze eyeshadow
clean gel liner
mascara concentrated on upper lashes only
faint coral blush

 TW: huang yilin
dolly with edge style
clean face
plump soft pink lips
visible individual lashes, concentrated on outer corners
champage + plum eyeshadow
crisp liquid liner
bronzed rosy cheeks

KR: unknown
soft-grunge style
smoky charcoal liner
bronze eyeshadow to mix and smudge liner
champagne highlighter on inner corners and top-middle of lids
coral-nude lips
bb cream + faint bronzed cheek hollows

source: tumblr


The Hipster Asian

"Look at that Asian hipster! He's so cool"

[[ source: bento-box.tumblr, weheartit ]]

JP: nightlife + fame


lady DJs and bright lights
beautiful people
famous + fierce

(right) Elli-Rose Van Cliffe

^ (left) favorite Vivi model!

source: tumblr 


Asian Indie: Soft Grunge

notice a trend?
a series of the asian hipster ^__^


starting to go out of style, unfortunately, but it looks awesome!



a cig in hand, smoke in face. generic tumblr grunge gal


remember him? yes! Noma Han

[[ source: tumblr ]]


prints in Asia: RAD. URBAN. SKATE.

It's not often that you see an Asian clothed in these styles..

bold floral
bold text
colorful aztec
random objects and patterns

bold floral

bold text. particularly Supreme NYC

colorful aztec
random objects
kiddy prints for the hip teen

rad, urban, and indie Asians are the best! ^__^

note: posts like these will be put under the label "JTK: indie"
[[ source: bento-box.tumblr, weheartit ]]


Model JP: Lena Fujii

seriously a natural beauty~

Born: Kawasaki City, Japan
Occupation: Model, Singer, Actress
Ethnicity: 3/4 Japanese 1/4 Caucasian
Birth date: July 2, 1983 / 27 yrs
Height: 5'3 / 160 cm
Weight: 95 lbs / 43 kg
Measurements: 84-57-87 (cm)

Accuracy of information: fair estimate?

Best known for her regular appearance in the Japanese magazine Vivi, Lena Fujii has achieved a great amount of success in the modeling industry in and out of Japan. Besides modelings, Lena also sings and had her first live concert at Luxy Club (yes!!) in Taipei, Taiwan. Oh, and she does acting too. Amazing, yes?

[[ source: jpop, google images, wiki]]


Popcorn for Momzzang Bod

For those who don't know what Momzzangs are, I'll break down what the word means:
"Mom" = Body (bod)
"Zzangs" = Best

Now, why popcorn?

3 cups of popped popcorn = a mere 93 calories
more antioxidants + fiber than fruits + veggies
100% whole grain
result: perfect snack food for weight loss
important note: choose low salt, butter, and oil

- - -
Of course, popcorn alone can not instantly turn your body into a momzzang's.
After School's Kahi is one of the most well-known momzzangs and for her, pilates, yoga, biking, horseback riding, jogging, and other leisure workouts are what keep her in such good shape at the age of 32.

 (+)  "She also revealed that if she sat around and did nothing, she’d become frustrated, and so she always learned to do something."

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[[source: allkpop, abcnews]]


SK: abstract sundresses

mini short-sleeve dresses
solid colors

oil painting/acrylic painting inspire dress

[[ source: nee-ner.tumblr ]]


S.K: spring transition

peachy or slightly pale lips
natural-flush blush
brown eyeliner for softer eyes
dewy skin
pastels and bright apparel
twisted hair (not braided this time)

[[ source: stylenandaaddicted tumblr ]]


Spring Trends: (colorful) Nautica Stripes

 Single Bold + Bright Colored Stripes

model: min hee
 via stylenanda

[[ source: koreandolly tumblr ]]


S.K Trend: Geometric Sunnies

abstract, cat-eye, geometric
bleudame.com, topshop.com, asos.com

[[ source: superficious tumblr ]]

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Korean clothing store (www.aboki.net)
Ulzzang model (Park Hyung Seok | 박형석 )

[[ source: fuckyeahaboki tumblr ]]


KR: Noma Han

N O M A  H A N
S . K O R E A

Most native Koreans have never heard of him, but he has become quite a big demand in New York. Though he was born and raised in Incheon, South Korea, Noma has achieved wide success in fashion modelling from Europe to North America.  

? So.. every model smokes cigs, it seems
-  -  -

Amazing style & tatts he has. + Got similar sunnies at UO!
And before I show you his beautiful photos, here I present you his bio and life secrets;) [oh wait! did you see my previous post on Sen Mitsuji? Another very very beautiful boy]

Age : 21 (1990-06-07)
Country : South Korea 
Height : 6'0.5(184 cm)
Suit : 38 r
Waist : 30
Shoe : 10.5 us
Industry : Fashion
Occupation : Model
Location: Manhattan : NY : United States

Agency : Red (New York)
                 2morrow ( Milan ) 
                     Studio KLRP ( Paris ) 
          D1 ( London ) 
            Exiles ( Japan) 
                 Shinwhasa (Korea)

like me some kitty tattoos

[[ source: concrete runway, john tan casting, lafoulenn, vantesse-condaire ]]


S. Korea: Dazed & Confused Magazine + Jessica SNSD

Aside from street fashion, pictorials and shoots keep my creative juices flowing even crazier and more furiously. Por qué. Because a lot of stuff I see on high fashion magazines like Vogue are often things I could (would) never wear. So, I was a bit surprised to see that the outfits from Dazed & Confused Korea were very quite wearable ( :o!!) Makeup and hair are important not to miss...
Jessica from the Korean girl group SNSD was one of the main subjects of the March photo shoot of Dazed & Confused Korea. Se7en being the other and also sharing the honor of being on the (second) cover.

Issue: March
Magazine: Dazed & Confused Korea
Cover: Jessica from SNSD
Place: New York

Things to notice:

+ neutral tones
+ European grunge (olive green parkas, layers, baggy over straight, etc)
+ NY City sleek (black undershirt under clean-cut white blazer, black liquid skinnies)
+ smokey cat-eye makeup
+ polished and futuristic cat-eyes
+ thick brows
+ Cory Kennedy hair ;)

Jessica on the cover !
+ gotta love the thick brows and smokey cateye

[[ source: allkpop ]]