Ulzzang trends: the knit beanie

You'll often see Ulzzang models wearing knit beanie hats; in fact, you'll see a lot of Koreans wearing them ( ulzzang or not )

☼ Knit beanies w/ the fuzzy bunny-tail puffball
☼ Red seems to be a popular color, but you often see others too: solid/plain, solid/bright, cool prints, patterns
☼ Either wear it loosely so that the puffball is hanging a bit, or if you don't have bangs, wear it nearer your hairline

picture examples:
Do you prefer Simplicity?
stripes + solid beanie + dark plaid scarf = (+)
Buy link: $5.00 [[calm colors]]
Does your closet consist of rockband tshirts/ hipster pieces/ canvas bags?
short curly+messy hair with a knit beanie+ black nailpolish= (+)
Buy link: $10.99 [[solid colors + thick beanies ]]
Do you love that Korean bboy style?
baggy print crew-neck sweater + red beanie + skinny jeans + Nikes= (+)

Buy link: $14.99 [[ slouch knit beanies ]]

Bright colors  might be your thing?
semi-matching plaid flannel + bright beanie + hipster glasses= (+)

Buy link: $9.95 [[bright colors]]
Do you prefer patterns?
Thick fringe/front bangs + hipster glasses + beanie = (+)

Perhaps your style is more hardcore?
Ski-goggles in the form of glasses+ bright hair + beanie with bold word print = (+)

Buy link: $19.95 [[cool prints]]

C'mon, even the kids are wearing them hehe (their beanie-style is a bit different since it covers the ears)
matching tracksuit/hoodie + beanie + cute lil' girlfriend to match and hold hands with= (+)

Oh and of course guys wear them just as much as the ladies!
neutral-tone and patterned beanie + padded vest over under Uniqlo shirt+ hipster glasses= (+)

Buy link: $26.00

☼          ☼         

Next up!:
I think many of us wish we could be Ulzzangs and/or Momzzangs, so future posts will be on Ulzzang Inspo (What's that? Similar to Thinspo, but if you don't know what that is- no worries! Wait till my future posts :)

Have a SMASHING day! 


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  2. I love them so much ^^