S.Korea: showing off your curves !

Lots of girls in S.Korea tend to wear body-hugging dresses and skirts, but it's how they pair it that makes it look "Korean." I don't suppose their purpose is to show off their curves, but i see it more of a cool/sleek/classic and street-style fashion ^^

→ Here's just the BASIC (which, of course, looks amazing just on its own); now.. how to pair it
the classic tight long-sleeved dress
→ For this particular look, it's more of a Taiwan + S.Korea look; but it's good stuff anyway
 Below is a more cool and Korean look: black baggy sweater + booties + bold red bag
→ Here's a look from the side/back.
    you could replace the baggy sweater with an oversized blazer
This one would be more of a clean / free / light Korean look
   mint green knit sweater + white tight dress + white oxfords OR flat/low canvas shoes
→ The same look, with just an added splash of bold color ( red tote bag)
→ Here's another Taiwan + S.Korea mix:
   loose pink sweater tunic + braided thin ribbon belt + leggings/tights + white tight dress underneath
→ And now for the tight skirts

  • pencil skirt + rock band tshirt + loose cardigan + tights + booties
  • bright red pencil skirt + tucked in white print tshirt + white oxfords or flat canvas shoes
  • pencil skirt + cut-off shirt + heels

Nanda girls ! (check out my S.Korea website find post~ look on the pages to the right column)
Well, for the last one, the skirts and dresses aren't tight/body-hugging but there's still the cool, classic, sleek look that all the Nanda girls wear:
More Nanda girls !

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