2NE1-Inspired: Website/Store Find

Hellooo readers~

So I've been on the search for online stores and I came across this store ShopLately which I have been obsessing over lately heheh BECAUSEE you can find so many unique and crazy accessories, shoes, and clothing.

As we know, the 2NE1 ladies always have the dopest and freshest jewelry!  
For example Minzy's badass bracelets and rings:::

Source: Soompi
The store is American, but most of the jewelry that 2NE1 wears is American or European brands anyway ( Wait! Not meant to be offensive to non-Americans and non-Europeans,, it's true that a lot of 2NE1's accessories aren't made from Korean designers)

+ Stuff here is cheap (there's still are high-end and more expensive pieces though)
+ There are always sales that last for some days only.

- You'll have to sign up.. but it's quick and free! haha

Here are a few items I picked out~




Here's the link: [Click Meeee]
Have a lovely day ! =)

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  1. Could you do a review on your purchase? :) I want to order from them but I'm not too sure yet.

    I check your blog everyday, keep up the work. :)