Popcorn for Momzzang Bod

For those who don't know what Momzzangs are, I'll break down what the word means:
"Mom" = Body (bod)
"Zzangs" = Best

Now, why popcorn?

3 cups of popped popcorn = a mere 93 calories
more antioxidants + fiber than fruits + veggies
100% whole grain
result: perfect snack food for weight loss
important note: choose low salt, butter, and oil

- - -
Of course, popcorn alone can not instantly turn your body into a momzzang's.
After School's Kahi is one of the most well-known momzzangs and for her, pilates, yoga, biking, horseback riding, jogging, and other leisure workouts are what keep her in such good shape at the age of 32.

 (+)  "She also revealed that if she sat around and did nothing, she’d become frustrated, and so she always learned to do something."

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