JTK Makeup

J a p a n    T a i w a n    K o r e a

note: these girls do not reflect the majority of girls from their race.
I'm just showing one of the many, many makeup styles in each race/ethnicity.
There will be more makeup posts to come!

JP: kiko mizuhara
modern twiggy style
au-naturel face
plump pink-nude lips
champage+soft bronze eyeshadow
clean gel liner
mascara concentrated on upper lashes only
faint coral blush

 TW: huang yilin
dolly with edge style
clean face
plump soft pink lips
visible individual lashes, concentrated on outer corners
champage + plum eyeshadow
crisp liquid liner
bronzed rosy cheeks

KR: unknown
soft-grunge style
smoky charcoal liner
bronze eyeshadow to mix and smudge liner
champagne highlighter on inner corners and top-middle of lids
coral-nude lips
bb cream + faint bronzed cheek hollows

source: tumblr

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  1. Hi Huang Yilin is Chinese not Taiwanese