Website find + I'm not dead!

Hello all ! i've been busy with college apps and exams/tests ! so i'll be coming back next week with posts once again

As for now.. here's a website find
Up to 80% discounted street brand style, many clothing brands worn by famous Korean stars/bands such as f(x), Hyuna, MBLAQ, 2NE1, etc~! You can get a top-quality $120 jacket for $25!!
look at Yoona's outfit! (she's wearing Cheap Monday)
Basically, you just sign up for this website and you go on to see which sales you like; sales don't last long though, for a day or a little more. You can get email updates to know when they have $1, $5, $10 bargain bins ^^
Luckily, new members get $10 after their first purchase~ so, use this link !! -->

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