a conclusion of this weeks' posts: Fashion Trends

So for a conclusion of this weeks' posts (noticed they were focused on fashion trends? yes!) or.. a week and just a bit more..Well here's an assortment (of chocolates! jk chocolate quality) pictures of any and all types of Fashion trends/outfits seen on the streets of Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China in the past week or two

 Sleek and cool: zip down dress in the front with a fedora
 omg I envy her legs soo much (pity pity, i'm eating green tea ice cream at this very moment) But anyways, the shirt she's wearing is instyle in Japan right now (check out my previous post on August Trends in Japan)
 Interesting combination of clothing! + sick prints (source: instreets.com)
Yay for layering! Layering makes your outfit so much more flattering and full. Just don't go overboard, unless.. that's what you're going for :) [ahh i want her jacket ;( ]

And this concludes this weeks Fashion Trends in Taiwan, Japan, and S.Korea! Yay =)
There will, of course, still be many posts on fashion trends in the future. But man I was on a roll this week! Ok bye! =)

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