KR: Noma Han

N O M A  H A N
S . K O R E A

Most native Koreans have never heard of him, but he has become quite a big demand in New York. Though he was born and raised in Incheon, South Korea, Noma has achieved wide success in fashion modelling from Europe to North America.  

? So.. every model smokes cigs, it seems
-  -  -

Amazing style & tatts he has. + Got similar sunnies at UO!
And before I show you his beautiful photos, here I present you his bio and life secrets;) [oh wait! did you see my previous post on Sen Mitsuji? Another very very beautiful boy]

Age : 21 (1990-06-07)
Country : South Korea 
Height : 6'0.5(184 cm)
Suit : 38 r
Waist : 30
Shoe : 10.5 us
Industry : Fashion
Occupation : Model
Location: Manhattan : NY : United States

Agency : Red (New York)
                 2morrow ( Milan ) 
                     Studio KLRP ( Paris ) 
          D1 ( London ) 
            Exiles ( Japan) 
                 Shinwhasa (Korea)

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[[ source: concrete runway, john tan casting, lafoulenn, vantesse-condaire ]]

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