JP: Sen Mitsuji

Hallo all, I've added another segment/label to this blog and that means I'll also be posting on the haute couture aspects of the fashion industry, which shall include models, photo shoots, etc instead of just the daily and casual trends in Japan, S. Korea, and Taiwan. 

So, I've recently discovered a male model from Japan/Australia. Suppose I'm a bit behind, but all's good. Voila:
source John Tan
WHAT a handsome face, you must agree
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Before I expose to you of his recent photoshoot, click the links below if you're interested in "knowing" about him:D

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And to the good stuff: he appeared in 3.1 Phillip Lim's "Improv-isualists" Men's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. This was actually published in June of 2011. Watch the video to be mesmerized ya + 19 days late for the video, I KNOW!! shoot me now, but jk don't, because for those who didn't know about Mr Mitsuji here, all will thank me now. ;D

And to further glorify Sen Mitsuji (I suppose this post was originally to focus on Mitsuji himself), here are a few (2) of his individual photos from Phillip Lim's collection:

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