Tidbit: Ulzzang Lips

In the next few days/weeks, I'll be making posts on specific areas on becoming an ulzzang!
So, to start off:

The   L  I  P  S .

source: tumblr//original

What we want to achieve:
+ pink-red pout.
+ a bit of shimmer, not sparkle, concentrated on the middle bottom lip and middle top lip
+ matte on the areas without the gloss
+ soft kissable lips!

P  R  E  P :  
 Condition your lips using any of these methods, or any method you know (care to share?):
1. The Sugar-Sweet Lips Method.
Take a tsp or so of sugar and mix it into a some Vaseline. Dab it on your lips and let it sit for a minute. Gently rub your lips in a circular motion, then rinse off with water. Apply a moisturizer after or else your lips will be dry !! This is a good method if you're going on a date: your lips will still be slightly sweet ;)
2. The Toothbrush-Plumping Method.
Take a toothbrush and gently rub your lips: concentrate on the outer corners: it's not as sensitive as the middle. Use a moisturizer after. This gets the blood pumping to your lips so your lips will become naturally red and plumper!

The   S  T  E  P  S :
1. Did you exfoliate and moisturize yet? Good: next step!
2. Apply lip stain for a more natural look
3. Take a lip liner the same color or close to your lip stain
4. Line your lips and slightly go outside your natural lip line at the middle bottom lip and at the middle top lip

5 Blend.
6. Take a translucent powder and dab it on your lips to matte and set your lip color even more.
7. Take a red gloss and dab it, concentrating on the middle area of your lips. Especially the bottom middle lip.

8. Use a highlighter and add a bit on your cupids bow. Blend~
9. Done!

Now the guys won't stop thinking about those lips of yours ;)
P.S. I think when you see letters written in bold maroon, it's like a double emphasis haha. But definitely don't overlook the bold black letters!


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  2. Hello, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I love this tutorial (this is my fav look to do all the time lolz). HOpe you visit me back soon =D
    ~XOXO Charlotte