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Wow it's already  2012 and you know what that means... SALE!!! Yess, life's good.
Anyways, if you're planning on buying some boots right now, why not take it from the trends in Japan?
- - -
First off:
The Docs. The Platform Sneakers.

These ones below are made in the UK and designed with the Japanese retailer Beams + they're another popular choice in Japan.

No, you don't have to buy Docs (they are really quite pricey!) Opt for platform sneakers or if you happen to find shoes similar to Docs for cheaper... then you're good!

The Desert Boot

These boots are good for people who have wider feet. Oxfords, desert boots, and anything slim and pointed make your feet slimmer and classier-looking ^^
I'm quite obsessed with these shoes at the moment and only just bought myself a pair last week!
Though, I couldn't find as awesome-looking ones as the one above^, I'm still very satisfied with my pair.

Now, if your style isn't so much like this, go for the heeled or wedged boots,
like this one below:

- - -

Next ones have already been popular for awhile, but i'm not talking about plain ones...
The Oxfords

[[Notice the one of the left are desert boots!]]

No, oxfords don't have to be black and white, or even solid brown or tan.
Opt for the neat designs, half canvas fabric/half leather, or anything different.

- - -

Then, we have these (which are also pretty popular)..
The Penny Loafers

[[ Majority of people wear loafers like the left two^. But, the right^ shoe is also a great choice]]
But, yet again! Opt for the ones with the neat design, fabric instead of leather, suede instead of leather, pretty designs, interesting colors.

- - -

The Laced Ankle Boots

I couldn't find a picture but non-laced boots are also popular, but probably harder to find out of Japan!
- - - 

To conclude, don't be scared off by the masculine-look. You can alter your outfit in so many ways, so many different styles, that these shoes are oftentimes accenting your outfit in the way you want them to~ if that makes sense..!
Anyways, hope this helped you on what type of boots to buy, now that stores are having huge sales!

Good Luck~!
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  1. Your taste in shoes is SO great. That last pair is almost TOO cute.

    Great selections! Are you on Bloglovin?