Harajuku, Tokyo JP: street fashion

Oh sadness, oh sadness, it's that time of the month for me so all I've got to stay sane and alive is some tea and advil (PSYCHE. i don't eat pills.) and as you all know, ridin' on the cotton pony is no joyful wonder ;* kidding, i'm glad we're all ladies here.   ... Anyways, I'm surprised I haven't dedicated a post to Harajuku fashion ._. REGARDLESS!, I am making one now. For the next few posts, I'll be focusing on JTK (Japan, Taiwan, Korea) street fashion and also a few of my "tidbit posts." 

Quick note: Pictures that I am using in this post are all from the website japanesestreets which focuses on fashion inspiration from the streets of Japan and the catwalks in Japan (and some other stuff)

you can probably find the cross ring pretty easily. the spikey bracelet she's wearing: i got mine at forever 21 (but in black plastic for around 8 USD)
diggin the tights !!
+ acid washed denim shirt under a thick red cardigan

Things to notice:
+ Doc Martens
+ thick fur (faux), leopard print
+ nail designs
+ interesting accessories
+contrasting textures and fabric and complimentary colors

[source: japanesestreets]

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