Ulzzang Tidbit: the importance of the Highlighter

THE  H I G  H  L I G  H T  E R .

The usual pale and matte-BB-cream-face is the Ulzzang's obvious first step. However, it is excruciatingly :( important not to forget that having no highlighter on your matte BB cream foundation will only make your BB-creamed-face look dull. and perhaps cakey. Options that you have:

[a] apply highlighter on top of bb cream
[b] mix 1/3 creme highlighter with 2/3 bb cream and apply all at once
[c] use a mist, like the ones sold at StyleNanda, all over your face.

- - -
If you chose [a], then refer to 2. highlight of the below picture to see where highlighter should be applied:
BUT WAIT! add a bit of highlighter on your chin so it gets some attention!

- - -
If you chose [b], then... apply 1/3 cream highlighter with 2/3 foundation.
The highlighter I use is the Benefit high beam.
Quick review:
(+) does the job
(+) natural if you put the right amount and mix well with skin and foundation
(-) put even a little too much, it will look obvious in the sun
(-) doesn't look pretty on dry skin, but that's for many things

The BB cream I currently use is the HanSkin Silky Treatment BB Cream SPF 50
Quick review:
(+) refreshingly silky on my slightly drier-than-normal skin
(-/+) gray tones. not sure if this is good or bad because most bb creams are gray
(-) incredibly pale if you put too much

- - -
If you chose [c], then you have chosen to go a little outside the "Ulzzang look" and more into the Nanda look, otherwise known as inspiration from the fierce and sexy models (as opposed to the reserved and innocent Ulzzangs) from the S.Korean online store NandaGirls. (en.nandagirls.com) has created the glossing face mist as a part of the 3concepteyes collection. (Another option is the glossing body mist)
You can choose to spray after applying makeup and foundation for a very glossy-Nanda look.
However, to achieve the Ulzzang look, apply the mist before foundation for a subtle and dewy look.

here's a photo of a very glossy-Nanda look
Buy it HERE. [[ photo creds to stylenanda ]]
Here's a photo of a dewy-Ulzzang look (with Nanda attitude :)
- - -
[[ photo creds to stylenanda , sephora, yesstyle, tumblr, + myself<-lol]]

>I hope that this helped and that now you won't forget to apply some sort of highlighter! Ulzzangs aren't all about flawless pale skin: they also want a healthy dewy glow.
So, have fun and good luck :)

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