HIPHOPER: S. Korea Street Fashion

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Though I tend to like the Ulzzang look, it's hard not to like one of the most common styles in S. Korea: something along the lines of the b-boy look, the street fashion look, and perhaps a (neon-colorful) S. Korean twist on the European grunge look. Most Korean American guys I know or see have this street look, just in a more simplified and polished look. A few common brands include Sakun, Supreme NYC, Nike, and Bape.
Anywho, the site that I would like to introduce is a fantastic website for S. Korean street fashion inspiration. There are other fantastical stuff too, but I'll leave that for you to explore :)

P.S. Yes, it's in Korean. But, a lot of the material features trends from around the world and the main text that you need to successfully navigate the website is in English ;D

How to navigate to the Street Fashion part of the website:
www.hiphoper.com  > LOOK (left panel) > STREET FASHION (top)

Things to note:
+ Nikes and New Balance sneakers mixed with anything and everything
+ baggy clothing, usually with no waistline
+ bright pops of color
+ layers
+ dark skinny jeans, tights, or leggings
+ acid wash jeans or jeans with interesting designs and textures

[ source: hiphoper ]

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