Tidbit: Japan + The Fake Collar Fashion

Quick Tidbit!
The "Fake Collar" fashion started in Japan and has been flooding the search engines in Taiwan websites and blogs. Here's what I mean by a fake collar:

Just add this onto just about anything you wear, whether it be:
+ A rock band t-shirt
+ A dress
+ A tanktop (some people wear the collar with just bare skin on the background)
+ + +

It's usually worn as a girly Japanese style, but it can equally be worn on rock band tshirts to give the rocker-look a bit of a 'fashionista' approach (ah i hate that word fashionista but i'm short of word-choice)
Anyhow, this collar can be altered: add studs or mini spikes onto it if you'd like~

These actually aren't hard to make, but you can just buy one from Etsy or Ebay, or other places I know not of!
... Good Luck!

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