Dara 2NE1 inspired look

So, before I attempted to do Dara's eye makeup look but could never get it right.. But! I've finally found a very simple way to get that look that works on my eye and might work for you guys :o But first! The written instructions are mostly for people who have those asian eyelids that are very slightly creased but not completely single lidded. But I have shown illustrations for those who have single eyelids!
(Attempt to look like Dara :p hehe)
Materials I used: Loreal Telescopic liquid eyeliner, Maybelline eyeshadow compact(just the black), and NYC Color Wheel Bronzer (for eyebrows)

1. People who have eyes like me (slight crease and not completely single lidded) line your waterline: You can use eye shadow with an angle brush (and blink into the brush if it tickles too much when you line your waterline :) or I just used liquid eyeliner! Don't forget to put a little at the tear duct. Use a Q-tip to fix it if you need to (I usually have to:p)
2. Make a disconnected wing (as shown in my illustrations below)
3. Connect the wing with the lower lashline. (I only went about 1/4 of the way since lining my whole bottom line for me makes me look gothic lol)

4. Use an angled brush and use the right eyebrow shade for you(I used my bronzer and mixed it with some black/gray shadow) Start at the arch and work downwards and then use the leftover and lightly swipe it upwards and outwards on the side nearest your nose. Then fill in the top to make your eyebrow look more straight like Dara's (& like many Korean eyebrows) All of this is shown in the illustrations below!

And the finished look~

Hope this works for you too ! :x

(Oh and you may have noticed that I only did my right eye so some pictures I cropped out my left eye hehe :| )

Both headbands from Forever 21

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