Taiwan hair trends (SHORT hair)!

So I have compiled a few photos from Google (no copyright infringement intended! if you need me to take these pictures off, please do tell me ^ ^) And I noticed these were some of the popular hair trends I saw when I was in Taiwan last month~ I'll do another post for long hair, this one will only be for short hair =)

Lena from Vivi Magazine(Japan)
Lena from Vivi Magazine(Japan)

Amber Kuo: Taiwanese singer + actress!
Random girl? hehe

Han Hyo Joo: my favoritist Korean actress!!!

Random Taiwanese girl ~ !

So basically, the trend I saw was short bouncy and cute hair; some curled more than others like the picture on the middle right. And most people had full-on front bangs, some were more choppy and some were more straight across& thick. And of course, pretty much every one had brown hair hoho (as do I)

Long/medium hair trends coming soon~
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