Quick Tips (Flawless Korean skin continued)

Check Flawless Skin like Korean Celebrities out first if you haven't already :)

So this time, i'll be sharing super quick tips and tricks on-the-go:

1. Make or buy a hydrating mist and spray your face anytime throughout the day. Not only does this hydrate your face, but also refreshes your makeup so you don't need to reapply more foundation. Most hydrating mists are around 10-20 USD; but if you want to put what ingredients you want and need, make it yourself! (for example: Distilled water + a drop of Rosemary Extract + Aloe Vera)

2. Use Rohto Cooling Redness Reliever eye drops to brighten your eyes. This is so you don't look so tired) Girls in Korea have found that puffy eyes make their eyes look bigger and cuter (there have been pictures photoshopped to prove this ^ ^) And brightening the whites of your eyes will only make your eyes look more awake, bigger, and healthier~

3.Use oil-blotting sheets if needed

4. Bring a bottle of water! yes i know, nothing special. But, people tend to forget how important water is and what it does for your skin; drink enough water, and you'll need less makeup(or none)


And that's just a few
Have a nice day =)

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