Slimmer nose tricks

So I know lots of people are envious of Lee Hyori's straight pointy nose, but of course surgery is really all there is to get it.. However! there are ways of making your nose appear slimmer, taller, pointier, and/or cuter
Some of you guys might have already seen some tricks, but here are the tricks I use and work for me (I might not be the only who has done this on my nose)
So all you need is: Bronzer, brush(round and flat ish; eye shadow brush), and highlighter(I use a creamy white eye shadow).
NYC Color Wheel, Elizabeth Arden brush, Covergirl eye shadow compact 
 Steps! (After applying foundation, base, concealer or anything you need to do):1. Use a round flat-ish brush (one you use for eye shadow) and get some bronzer on it. Tap it against something and then lightly brush it against your skin to get the excess amount off. Then ,apply the bronzer little by little so the shadow you're creating isn't obvious (unless you're going for that look!). If you're applying it on the areas on either side of your nose bridge, concentrate more amount on the spots and blend out (I think they're pressure points?) Look at the illustrations I drew to choose and/or combine the tricks you can use that are best suitable for your nose
blue= bronzer! lol

For me, my nose is wider on the bottom (somewhat like an onion lOl) so I use all these steps except for the button nose one (unless I feel like adding that)2. Take your highlighter or if you're using a creamy white/shimmer(NOT sparkly) eye shadow and apply with your finger. Swipe your finger down the bridge or your nose and blend out. Concentrate some more on your nose bridge to make that part stand out more. Add a little on the "T" part of your T-zone. 3. Blend it out!! This is super important! I use my finger to blend it out since I have more control.And there you have it :D
emphasis on a creating a higher nose bridge

the bottom part more emphasized (slimming wide nostrils and slimming the whole nose)
please ignore my messy eyeliner hehe i needa touch up :p

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