Flawless Skin like Korean Celebrities? (THE ROUTINE)

(Song Hye Kyo)

Before I tell you the steps and routines to get that flawless skin.. there are a few factors that people should know
Climate: It's humid and hot wet weather in Korea! So this makes their skin less dry

Food & Exercise: Koreans have a balanced diet. Plus, they do a lot more walking(because they have to kind of). In California, getting to places usually always involves a car. 

Commitment: Sometimes, a lot has to do with genes. BUT they still have to take care of their skin to maintain it. Daily routines average to maybe 7 steps for just the face

OK now the routine...

One more thing- my skin: combination skin. oily nose and temple area. dry on cheeks and forehead. But this routine should work for anyone as long as you buy the products best for your skin type!

1. Rid the makeup and dirt: I use extra virgin olive oil with a cotton pad- cheaper and nicer to your skin (some store-bought makeup removers left on the counter start to turn colors after awhile! gross..) Vaseline with a Q-tip for removing my eyeliner and eye area that are harder to get (It conditions my eyelashes too :)
2. Double cleanse: Cleanse with your favorite cleanser! I'm currently using Positively Radiant Cleanser by Aveeno ($8).
3. Toner: Important step!! Use cotton balls or pad and wipe your face in circular motions to tighten your face. Use the toner best for your skin type
4. Hydrate: I use The Mist by La Mer ($55) . Let the hydrating mist set in before the next step~
5. Serum: Apply this and let it soak in for a few minutes before applying moisturizers/creams; this stuff really helps get deep into your skin! But don't skip the next step..
6. Moisturize: last step! Currently using Sheseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizer ($40-70)

..Lots of steps I know but it's not that bad once you start doing it daily ^ ^  so.. commit, commit, commit!

But anyways, here's just the routine. Stay tune for quick tips and ideas for healthier and flawless Korean skin!
click ME for quick tips the Korean style!

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