Tidbit: Chocolate or Goo Hara's Ant Waist for The Holidays?

First- On a side note, I'll be posting more of these "Tidbit" Posts because most of the time, I just can't write a long enough post that's satisfactory -.- This means more posts, instead of a post every two weeks lOl...! (This is a new Label, so check the right column for "Tidbits" to see similar posts !)
Now, onto this post...

The Holidays are nearing and conflicting voices in my head are making me queasy -.-
My Dilemma:
Chocolate (.. + tears and snot on new years) VS. Sexyhot body with towering self-confidence
Oh, it is a difficult call. But I have a plan.

Marshmallow Hot Cocoa (~100 Calories)
No darlings, put in a little over half the package of cocoa powder. This cuts down the calorie count to 40~45 calories (as opposed to 80 calories)
Q: But wouldn't it taste just like WATER?? ew. No. Because we're gonna add marshmallows and once the marshmallows melt and is stirred, the hot cocoa will taste thicker and seem sooo much sweeter than you think it actually tastes like. 
Add 5~10 small marshmallows or 2 big marshmallow(s) BEFORE pouring in hot water. This makes the marshmallows melt instantly and it looks and sounds cool watching the marshmallows sizzle and dissolve lOl..
Now stir with a stir stick, chopstick, some stick.I always fill the water to the top so the marshmallows are over the top, so careful not to spill... kids... haha
Shave a bit of cocoa powder on top
Sprinkle cinnamon sugar over the top
And be happy that you only consumed about 100 calories from that fat cup of hot cocoa.

Have a Happy Holiday!
(Guess this isn't really a small post.. There will be shorter ones haha)

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