S. Korea: Livin' Young and Wild and Free

Many Korean's have the Nandagirl look, with the fierce cat-eyed makeup, cool and sleek style, and pretty faces

I'm actually a really big fan of this look, so I had to title this post Wiz Khalifa+ Snoop Dog's song hahaha~

These are the actual Nanda girl models~
Check out their website to see even more wicked styles
(Just in advance, things can get pretty pricy)

Pictures in the night + Flash
It's always at night when thing really start to begin~

+ Sequined Mini
+ Combat booties
+ Random Long-sleeved top
+ Accessorize (Statement earrings)
Now this is the outfit of choice.

I just liked her eye makeup haha 
+ black-painted nails
+ Black dress

+ Messy Wavy hair
+ Clubbing dress!
+ Cat-eyed Eyes

+ Cat Eyes~
+ Red hair
+ Badass, I'd say.

- - -
 An upcoming post somewhat ties into this post~
Think: leather, denim, spikes and studs. YES, lovin' it  

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