S. Korea: Leather, Denim, and Bikers Fashion

Hello fellow readers!
It's the first week of Winter break for me, but there's still so much to do and so many places to go! Regardless, here's a post I've been wanting to do for a while~

So I, myself, have been getting into the biker & rocker look. Coincidentally, I found awesomely inspirational pictures of Korean fashion sporting the exact look :D

Let's start with
D  e  n  i  m
+ Denim Jackets
Ones with Cotton sleeves or Leather sleeves are a (+)

 On these Jeans=
+ Acid- washed
+ Zippers
+ Oh yes, there's also the biker-inspired seams on these jeans. Can't get any better than this. <3

- - -
So, how 'bout some

L  e  a  t  h  e  r
+ Black and White T underneath
(preferable with someone's face in cool print. or a rock tshirt)
+ Leather-accented kicks
+ Zippered Tights (I would love me some of these!)

- - -
Then, we have the 

B  o  m  b  e  r
C  o  m  b  a  t    B  o  o  t  s
I think we should all have a pair of combat boots
+ the famous Korean-styled Bomber Jacket that every B-girl and Bboy has
+ the familiar motor bicyclist's jeans (as in, how the jeans are sewed around the knees and such)

- - -
Last, but most certainly not least, (Quite possibly the most important to me~)

S  p  i  k  e  s
S  t  u  d  s

We can all learn from the badass CL ~
Leather, Spikes, Denim: she's got it all.
+ Shades like hers

 So, I think we've got the gist of it all with these few pictures:
Denim + Spikes + Studs + Leather + Shades + Leather + Bombers

Good luck on your Holiday Shopping :)


  1. I love the sneakers and great post! You have a really cute blog. Keep up the good work ;-)