S. Korea: Holiday Prints

I'm pretty sure every year we have this trend. I guess it's not exactly a trend but a tradition
Sweater parties are quite the best, might I add... :) 

But yes, there's no need to need ugly sweaters.
Let's take it from the Korean ladies!
When it comes to holiday sweaters, you really don't need anything else but some classic denim
Moccasins are a nice touch though!

A knit  bodycon skirt is very fitting
But, choose one that's a neutral, gray, black or white color

 Yep, a guy. but HE'S SO GOODLOOKING, I couldn't resist -.-

A note to the guys who happen to fall upon this page: get yourself a Christmas sweater, you'll be happier because all the ladies will fall for you
Celebrities wear them too, so don't feel alone hehehe... =)

If you have a more biker and rocker style,
have the holiday prints as a knit skirt (very popular right now!)
+ patterned thights
+ combat booties

Or go all-out with matching accessories!

So, to sum it up, add this onto your 
Holidays shopping list:

+ Holiday-Patterned Knit Skirt
+ Holiday-Patterned Knit Shorts
+ Holiday Sweater
+ Matching Mittens, Gloves, Earmuffs, Beanies

Happy Holidays-Shopping!

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