Tidbit: Inner Upper Thigh Fat + Weird Tip

Quick tidbit!

Quite possibly one of the most annoying problem areas of my body are my inner upper thighs. Everything I eat just rolls its way down to those areas.. However, no fear! Thanks to Maggie for this simple and fast tip!

- - -

PREP Go and get any one of these items=

* A piece of paper
 * A book
* Post-its
* .. anything semi-light and has enough surface area

This is only good when you're sitting down, perhaps listening to a boring lecture or using the computer...
Scoot yourself to the edge of the chair so that your butt and only your butt is on the chair
Take your chosen item and place it between your knees and hold it.
It gets sore after awhile, but just keep holding it!

+ Drink lots of water to make it easier for your fat to break down and shrink !

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