S. Korea: The Men's Blazer for Women

I was looking around on Gmarket (popular Korean shopping website) and oversized men's blazers for women have been quite the hype (For a while now, actually..)
If you don't want to spend 15+ dollars on shipping (which isn't too bad!), you can go and shop at YesStyle. Thought, the price adds up to about the same. So, it's your call!

What to look for:

  • Long Blazers with a straight line

Want to get a Classy-Vintage Look?
+Long gray wooly (wool is optional) blazer
Creme knit sweater underneath, preferably a thinner one
Maroon red high-waisted shorts or long Maroon skinnies
Oversized Envelope Purse
Booties or mid-heeled heels with a red sole or red heel 

  •  Bright Colors

Blue, Orange, Red, White...
(Orange is one of my favorites!)

Want to get a City-Sleek look? 
+ A White Blazer
+ Long-sleeved black Uniqlo shirt underneath, so that the sleeves peek out. 
+ Layers of black, silver, gold statement jewelry: think THIS style.
Dark Marroon skinnies

Lots of Korean celebrities are wearing this look too~ 
Want to get a High-Class Celebrity look?
+ stick with the solid, classy, and familiar colors of black or creme. 
+ A simple low-necklined top underneath
+ gold or silver chain jewelry.
Classic Chanel purse would be very matching!

  • The Pastel-Colored Blazer

Light Sea green? Mint green? Dark Pink? Denim Blue?

Now, go buy yourself an oversized blazer ! :)

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