S.Korea: Plaid Flannels Fashion

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Hello readers! So, finally, I'm now done with most of my exams which means I've slightly a bit more time to make posts... Anyways, onto my second bowl of MSG-infused ramen while I type this post -.-

So it seems that a lot of Korean girls like to wear flannels. Let's see how they wear these plaid shirts:

+ Tucked into pants
(Yes it's winter, so it's best not to wear shorts like she is ^ hahah: wear jeans and boots!)
+ Thin Plaid shirt
+ Loose Cardigan on top

+ Oversized Boyfriend Flannel
+ Patterned Tights
+ RED flannel. I see a lot of red flannels hahah

+ longer oversized cardigan
+ how 'bout some Doc Martens?

Perhaps a girlier approach?

+ Fitted Plaid (Ruffled neckline is optional)
+ Tucked into A-line Skirt
+ Thick belt to close it off
+ Leather and Gold chained bracelet + Necklace

Layers, layers, layers is the key to Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese fashion

+ Outerwear Coat with Plaid Pattern underneath
+ Thin Hoodie, put the hood on the outside

+ Random t-shirt ( preferable choices: rock band t-shirts, sleepwear tshirts, cool prints
+ Oversized Flannel
+ Tights or skinnies
+ Messenger bag
+ Optional hooded and oversized coat on top

Oh, and might I add, the plaid flannel look is very popular all over the world. Say in California, every one owns at least one!

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