Honey thighs!

This term is kinda old.. but I'm sure lots of girls still want honey thighs :)
okay so first! Some people think honey thighs = super skinny food-deprived thighs; but my dears, that's wrong. To have honey thighs is to have super soft and extra moisturized thighs that still have SOME fat but still toned.

So! Here are the videos for SNSD's leg and hips exercises with ENGLISH SUBS

Ok so now for some tips (before watching the video):

  • commit to it.
  • eat healthy
  • drink lots of water
  • sleep before 12 am (i know that is soo difficult lol)
  • incorporate other exercises such as wall sits with more sets of shorter rounds- so that your thighs don't get bulky... it's about endurance- not strength.
  • know that you won't have magically beautiful legs in one week. see results in a month
  • measure the widest part of your thighs with a measuring tape ONCE a week! For us ladies, our weight fluctuates a lot (especially that week of the month) so measuring everyday will 1. Ruin you -.- 2. Be inaccurate
  • use a BUNCH of moisturizer for your whole leg
  • use tinted moisurizers, bronzers, etc on the insides of your legs ( Korean celebrities revealed that they do this to make their legs look even thinner; but they use up products SUPER fast. Look at the post HERE )
  • this seems to be a popular product in Asia (that seems to work considering all the great reviews...) and here's a quote from them: "Achieve slimmer and shapelier hips and legs in as little as 45 days...  legs toned, whiter and hair-free.." CLICK ME TO BUY IT (yesstyle.com is very safe.. lol i've bought stuff from there and they opened a real store in SF)

And that's about it for the LEGS; next post will be on the whole diet and quick tips to get that body :)

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