Japan: The "Cutesy" look

So no doubt, these are the looks that you will most definitely see in Japan and also in Taiwan (I saw so many shops selling these types of clothing, but it just didn't work with my tall frame hahaha) Anyways, I'll briefly define the term "cutesy" look that i don't think exists until now because idk who would wanna use this word -_-

  • The "Cutesy" look: consists of ruffles, pink, laces, flowy material, layers, ruffles and ruffles and cute doll-inspired fashion. Makes you look like a porcelain doll.
Yay! and now we have that clear, here are a few looks:
 (ohoo this is not as cutesy as the next one will be. this one is actually normal for me lol)
 actually this isn't that bad. but the flower necklace (i made these with the flower weeds when i was in elementary school :D) and the picnic-y bag and massive girly hairbow, it's a bit too much for me -_- but that's just me and i'm not hatin! Like I said, it just doesn't fit me -.-
 Princess sleeves but not really cuz the ones above aren't as puffy. But definitely princess-y at the bust area with the elasticy part right below the chest. But anyways, this look is pretty simple, if paired with jean shorts and a bag with a pop of color
 I actually really like this outfit! The dress is simple enough and not super ruffly, plus the hat makes it really cute and laid back.
 Hm this reminds me of Sunday morning tea parties and happy rich people hehe but it's a pretty look and the bag she's wearing makes it less "rich snobby" looking. Actually it makes it look really wearable!
 Am i criticizing too much? lol I'm not, I would wear a majority of these outfits, just not with the accessories but that's probably because of where I live...(cultural thing)
 I love this outfit! It's super simple and the ruffles and creases are in the right places.
 This one actually kind of reminds me of my previous trends post on Tribal prints and vintage-y looks. But it looks 'cutesy' enough to be included in this post
Another thing that seemed to go along with the whole ruffles and cute look was the off the shoulders loose tops (off both the shoulders, might i add) and this one above is the plainest of the plainest. I'd say what you'll see in stores a lot more ruffly which is perfectly fine, just as long as it looks great on you (downside is that a lot of the stores on the streets don't let you try them on.. so it's hard to tell :( )

And so that is the cute look: hundreds of little flowers on the shirt/dress is a plus. If you don't live in Japan or Taiwan, and you live in California for example and you're insecure of wearing it.. well you could 1. whatever, don't care. 2. the most accessories i'd pair with the dress/shirt would be a bulky wooden bangle (little to no design. i know there's one at Forever 21)! 

Anyways, have a nice day =)

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