Winter in Taiwan already?

Yes a surprise! But not much of a surprise. When I went to Taiwan in the Summer, a great lot of the girls wore long sleeves and long pants (ooh the horror they must endure) but of course on their own will and of course to keep their beautiful skin pale and pretty. So I guess it isn't so entirely surprising that the girls are already starting to wear thicker jackets and knitted hats/beanies. Anyway, if you don't feel like wearing Winter stuff right now, perhaps you can prepare because the girls in Taiwan have already set the beginning of Winter 2012 fashion (Taiwan style)

 Now you know what I meant by thick
Tights with denim shorts or skirts are fantastic! I wore these all winter and it kept me warm (surprising?! it's a lot warming than it looks but my legs are less vulnerable to the cold-- so consider yourself warned..) Anyways, yay for the ruffle business-y shirt she paired with her destroyed denim skirt. Oh and the peacoat makes it a lot more polished and really finishes off the look =) ... + bag with a pop of color= GENIUS
 Not as thick, so this is actually pretty good for the weather right now (in the cooler places lol)
 Layers, layers, layers: always been the style in Asia
 YES!! The red scarf makes the outfit. The color is seriously so pretty~ other pretty colors are .. dark caramel brown, forest green, deep plum purple (for scarves and clothing at least. YEA sounds gross but it looks sooo pretty and classy~ just my 2 cents :)
sick haircut! and notice her awesome patterned tights

So yes! It seems that Winter and Fall are the only seasons in Taiwan for some girls lol unless they were going to Penghu to go snorkeling with the fishies!

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