Taiwan+Japan: tribal prints + vintage

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A lot of what's appearing on the Taiwan and Japan streets are girls wearing not only tribal prints but also braided hair bands with their long wavy brown hair. Along with that, they're wearing tan brown sandals and occasionally a wide-brimmed hat.

Ok this wouldn't be tribal prints but it's definitely vintage-y and this is really popular in Japan too. Some girls, instead of wearing tribal prints (bright colorful tribal prints popular in S. Korea), wear lacy flowy and deep vnecked tunics, shirts, and dresses-- like the girl above. And braided messy wavy hair

 Here's a vintage-y tribal inspired girl with the usual loos and layered brown dress (super easy to find when shopping in Taiwan!) and of course the braided headband. Wear it with some tan or nude lacey sandals and a satchel handbag and you're good to go
 This one shows straight up tribal prints- black and white
 Pretty and fun prints!.. in blue :) (+ her hat)
I guess this isn't tribal.. lol but i'm liking the vintagey look with the satchel bag, socks with oxfords, and simple patterned dress (and the sick shades! super vintagey :)

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