Taiwan+Japan: beautiful, pure, free, and clean

Ahh this style reminds me of laundry and Italy (what?) and happy times
And i'm pretty sure any girl who wears this will look as pure, free, clean, and beautiful as her clothes! (I came to the incredulous conclusion that a girl's outfit that's put well and is different will really catch the eyes of some specific or many guys) But another thing to add.. it kind of seems that this look may be a little too mature for some girls because when I see it, I see of girl in college and older wearing this type of fashion.. but if you can pull it off, then awesome!

 The long long skirt- it's becoming popular! And it's soo classy~ (I guess it's starting to replace the maxi dress trend?)
Yay for beautiful white dress that's feels so free and clean. Oh and a statement (bold color) jewelry piece like the one shes wearing ^ can really change your outfit (and this will be needed if the whole white and plain feeling just doesn't satisfy your needs)

Now for the next photos, I guess they aren't as free and stuff like that as the ones above but nonetheless, they're good looks that still look refreshing and classy!
 I was hesitant of putting this in the previous post of 'cutesy' fashion because it just wasn't cute enough with the whole waist and hip defining clothing pieces above
 I actually really like her hairbow! In fact, this is also another trend in Japan- the bunny ear hairbow. Anyway, her denim dress is yet another trend!! So I'd like to say that this girl ^ is the ultimate definition of hipster. 
So was I wrong? Her outfit is still as classy and beautiful as hell! Especially her wide-brimmed hat (ooh those types of hats change your outfit sooo much; please go buy one now!)

So if you're not comfortable with the super long dress or skirt, then no fear! Wear something like the last few pictures ^ such as the loose flowy material these girls are sporting. Oh and don't forget that hat because it alters your style quite a bit!

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  1. That looks so great! That's definitely something I want to look into doing. :) And you look so cute with that white foundation on, HAHAHAHA!
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