Taiwan: Business outfits, but not so business-y

Another trend! Lots of ladies wearing business-ish outfits, but not so business-y. Some are either really pretty and flowy that remind me of picnics and fairytales while others remind me of S. Korea's bold prints and fashion style. Anyway, see what fits your taste (unless you want to change up your old look :)

 YAY for chino cropped pants! Except I don't know if that babydoll lace top is appropriate for the workplace.. lol but nonetheless, it's a good clean look! (pair with nude heels and a oversized handbag)
 So.. this  is more casual than business. Something I would wear to school~ But it's business-inspired by the pencil skirt. However, this skirt is cotton with the denim effect, along with a business-like collared sleeveless shirt with the color pink and a bunch of details. Flat simple shoes really makes this outfit look more 'young' and clean
 Hmm.. cotton tight mini dress.. Not so business-y! and doesn't look too much like a formal party dress (material). But it's a good casual look! But that purse she's holding confuses the heck out of me -_- casual or formal?
 YES bold and business-appropriate (the length of the skirt duh) but the color may not be... But whatever! it makes for a good casual look and that's all that matters lol maybe not ah nvm.
So I guess this isn't business-y at all. I just thought the formal looking material and style reminded me somewhat of a business outfit. But yeah, this is more like an outfit you would wear to lunch with the ladies. The bag she's holding, however, does remind me of Audrey Hepburn and that very classy look =)

So I have concluded and demonstrated that most and probably all of these outfits aren't what you would wear to work, but they are business-inspired and who says you can't wear business-y outfits outside of your workplace? .. no one. :P

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