"Ant waists" and Trimmed baby fat

The "Ant Waist"
Ever wonder how Goo Hara has such a tiny waist, and is known to have the best of "Ant Waist" celebrities? .. I wonder too :p but there are exercises (that she may have used herself) to get a tiny waist; Jolin Tsai from Taiwan uses this trick for sure though =)

! HULA HOOP: It might sound stupid lol but it does work. Do it while you're watching TV or watching a movie =) and do it for a long time + commit!! 
Trimmed Baby Fat
After years of thinking she was just another product of plastic surgery, it was finally concluded that she is just a natural beauty! But what contributed to her beauty and change in appearance was all just diet and weight loss. Then it was discovered that Song Hye Kyo had a secret diet :o ....

! Lemonade: not the store bought ones! Since those contain way too much sugar. Make your own, half water half lemon juice. Drink it with all your meals, but still exercise the minimum, and cut down on snacks to maximize and quicken the results ^ ^ 

Other tricks to trim that baby fat, for your body and for your cheeks:
! Negative Calorie Foods: This takes so much more energy for your body to digest than to eat cooked foods, so you're actually burning more calories than you're consuming. Most negative calorie foods would be raw vegetables and fruits. If you just hate raw veggies, boil them!
! Spike your face: You can find these spike rollers on Amazon for you can get it on Asian websites but most Asian websites only sell the round, no-spike ones (which idk if they work). Sounds scary but it doesn't hurt at all; These really slim your face down and firm it, but only with continuous use.
! Contour: It works the fastest lol but just don't put so much that your face looks dirty!

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