The Statement Piece: the Japan way

I don't know if it's just me, but all the little things that you wear are really what makes your outfit; I can't go anywhere without my Casio watch! (But I've been really wanting a bright yellow g-shock.. so expensive ;( ) Sometimes what you need to is a STATEMENT PIECE in your outfit (ex. for me it's my watch and Good Wood bracelet)

So anyway, here are some trends; all of which I like hehe

1. Baby-G's for the ladies! It isn't really just the Casio watches, but any watch that's either sleek or bulky, bright or plain (and some with those expensive silver ones). But anyway, Yess I love anything Casio/g-shock hahaha. I also noticed that lots of girls are now getting the bulky ones (more in S. Korea) whereas Baby-G's are popular in Japan. As for Taiwan, I'm not really sure but it seems it's a 50/50.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses
2. "NERD" GLASSES. I noticed that these glasses make my face look smaller haha but my nose bigger -_- My friend wanted a pair but she doesn't need prescription glasses- her parents still wonder why she wants prescriptionless old fashion dork glasses hahaha, well of course because they look friken awesome :p 
3. MASSIVE hair clips: I think these are so sick hahaha and a lot funner than the usual small hair clips. I got me some at Forever 21 but they aren't as big as the one shown above (i'm so surprised they had it! haha but then again it's owned and founded by Korean people!) 

& that's it :) later! 

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