Korean Airport Fashion

For those who are unfamiliar with this 'airport fashion' it's just a bunch of celebrities coming from or going out of the airport while the paparazzi capture their photos. And you'll see this most often with Korean celebrities (well I guess American celebrities too but I don't hear that term applied to anyone else but Koreans)

 Parkas! are getting popular in Korea and Korean celebrities
 Yay for colorful outfits haha or at least a mixture of them all
 (more) Parkas!!
 Lots of colors!
 Loose see-through button-down (doesn't have to be all the way) collared shirts are trends i'm seeing in Taiwan: mint green and creme colored ones are popular
 Floral+cardigan+oxfords= urban outfitters girl
 Very Korean styled haha- I like it!
SNSD at the airport (nice shoes!)
 er ok just say this is outside of the airport, so still airport fashion
 Simple thick stripes (stripes are another trend in Japan!)
This is China! not Korea

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  1. I totally became aware of this 'airport fashion' term when I lived in Korea. It's awesome & their fashion is so chic ;). Would love it if you could check out our global fashion magazine: http://www.globalyuppiestyle.com/